Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

Work in Progress. gh36. Berlin Mitte. Openning Friday Oct. 13. 19-21 pm 2017

Tea Nili. Gustav Klimt. Freundinnen


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Donnerstag, 21. September 2017

Berlin Art Week. 2017. Levan Lagidze. gh36. Curated by Dr. Lily Fürstenow


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Lily Fürstenow

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Dienstag, 19. September 2017

Berlin Art Week. 2017. Painting. Levan Lagidze. Curated by Lily Fürstenow

Levan Lagidze. Painting. Bach Excercises

at GH 36

Große Hamburgerstrasse 36. 10115 Berlin

exhibition duration 12-22.9. 2017

opening hours 11-16 daily

Text. Dr. Lily Fürstenow

Levan Lagidze's painting is about paintstaking exploration of colour. The slightest changes, chromatic variations, shades and tones are developed by means of systematic adding of colour layers one upon another till the final result is achieved. Acutally these works are not about the final but more about the infinity of colour, it's profound depths and the possibilites for exploring the slightest changes, movements of light upon the surface, reflections, the intensity of tones, unexpected combinations. Nothing is here definite or predetermined, the process of painting may lead to unpredictable outcomes, where the chemical composition of the pigment in combination with other colours and the canvas would always look slightly different than planned. These are therefore “excercises” because they invoke inevitable repetition, recourse, revision of the history of painting trying to explore its limits and set out new borders – initiating a discourse on the means of expression and a meticulous process of search through repetition on the way to perfection.

“Excercises” imply here the experiment of painting, a private laboratory for the rethinking the centuries-long tradition of painting throughout art history trying to figure out its method and essence for us today. “Exercise” as endless repetitive process accentuating the artistic gesture, the mark, the repetitive movement of application of colour on canvas step for step. Lagidze's creative process recurs to old masters questioning their use of colour, citing fragments from masterpieces like those of Rembrand's somber reds, Velasques, Italian masters inspired by the unfathomable depths of Bach's fugues.

Lagidze's works discuss the strict canons of composition in painting the same way as in music in order to elaborate the possibilites for artistic freedom within the established norms, in order to break them, to reflect upon the established formal means in the constant effort towards the new. Not the figurative aspects but the sumptousness of colour is analysed and magnified in his works to abstractions that expand towards vast spaces in an attempt to redefine the tradition of painting and set its new ever changing limits. “Neither will nor limit – just step by step I carefully define the space” as he himself puts it.

Meetings and discussions

Levan Lagidze
1958 – born in Tbilisi, Georgia
1981 – graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi
1983-1987 – director of the Artists' House "creative fine art studio" in Tbilisi
1986-1989 – chairman of Georgia's Young Artists' Union
2011-present – owner of the “Lagidze Gallery” Tbilisi, Georgia

Solo Exhibitions:

2012 – Modern Art Museum, Kuwait City;
2011 – Opening of the Lagidze Gallery (Levan Lagidze’s private gallery), Tbilisi, Georgia;
2010 – Exhibition Hall of Europe House, Tbilisi, Georgia;
2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 – Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;
2006, 2005, 2004, 1998, 1995 – TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;
1994 – Central House of Artists, presented by Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia;
1990 – Georgian Center of Culture “Mziuri”, Moscow, Russia;
1989 – House of Artists, Tbilisi, Georgia

Group Exhibitions:

2009 – Oc-Eo Art – Contemporary and Modern Fine Art, London, UK;
2008 – The Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, London, UK;
2004 – Silent Auction to benefit the American Friends of Georgia – Doyle, New York, USA;
1998 – ART SALON’98, Moscow, Russia;
1997 – “Going Back”, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;
1996 – Galerie Seidel am Domhof, Cologne, Germany;
1994 – “The Bigining”. CA Global AC, Vienna, Austria;
1994 – Georgian Art, Steiner Haus, Bonn, Germany;
1993 – Georgian Art, Riviera Gallery, London, UK;
1990 – Georgian School - Drouot Auction, Paris, France;
1986 – Retrospective of Georgian Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.


The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia;
The Modern Art Museum, Moscow, Russia;
The National Picture Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;
The Batumi State Gallery, Batumi, Georgia;
The Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ, U.S.A;
The Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia;
"TMS" Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia and private collections in Georgia, Russia, France, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Poland.


All images courtesy of E-merging Artists


Lily Fürstenow

Torstrasse 208. 10115

030 9789 38 97
0151 614 38 978

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Contemporary Painting. Berlin Art Week. Levan Lagidze. Bach Excercises. Curated by Lily Fürstenow. GH 36. Berlin

Levan Lagidze. Bach Excercises

curated by Dr. Lily Fürstenow. Opening. September 12, 2017, 19-21 pm at GH 36. 

Exhibition duration 12 - 22 September, 2017. 

ARE/Artistic Research Encounters

Address: Grosse Hamburgerstr. 36, 10115, Berlin

      030 9789 38 97   or     0151 614 38 978

Levan Lagidze (Georgian: ლევან ლაღიძე; (born 1958, Tbilisi) is a prominent Georgian painter.

Since early childhood, Levan Lagidze showed a keen interest and a sharp drive in various creative activities such as drawing, sculpting, and writing. Eventually, he decided to pursue painting and enrolled in the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Lagidze's diploma work "Tbilisoba" was acclaimed as the best diploma work submitted from all of the USSR's arts schools in 1981. He graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts the same year.

After graduation, Levan Lagidze actively participated in various exhibitions throughout the USSR. In the early 1980s, Lagidze founded and led an arts studio at the Tbilisi Painter's House, which ran seminars and workshops, and offered a free work space for artists. In 1987, the studio presented its first major exhibition which received a warm welcome from viewers and critical acclaim from professionals and experts. Students soon started to fill the ranks of the country's artistic elite.
Lagidze's latest abstract works include "The Meadow", "Autumn Meadows", and Throughout his career, Levan Lagidze's primary themes and styles progressed from his early "narrative" paintings, to abstract philosophical depiction of an "eternal return". In the early 1980s, the artist's works focused around one major biblical theme - "the prodigal son". From the late 1980s, his interest shifted to fundamentally novel themes such as "secret", "return", and "early urbanism".

From the late 1990s onward, Lagidze's artistic style gradually drifted to abstract painting. In later years, he mainly worked on depicting nature and landscapes in abstract perspective, although he avoids any reference to abstraction and claims that he only paints his own visual perceptions"The Plow".

In 2011 Levan Lagidze opened his own gallery "Lagidze Gallery" in the middle of the city.

Levan Lagidze's major works are exhibited in his own gallery which also serves as the artist's studio. This choice is explained by his preference for adjoining style and perspective while presenting his paintings to viewers. Lagidze's paintings are also in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Modern Art Museum in Moscow, Russia; the National Picture Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia; the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, NJ, US; the Gertsev Gallery; and the TMS Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia.

His works are also in private collections in Belgium, Canada, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, UK, and the US.                          

Group exhibitions
2007 - Artbull Gallery, London, UK
2004 – Silent Auction to benefit the American Friends of Georgia – Doyle, New York, US
1998 – ART SALON ’98, Moscow, Russia
1997 – “Going back”, TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
1996 – Galerie Seidel am Domhof, Cologne, Germany
1994 – “The Beginning”, CA Global AC, Vienna, Austria
1994 – Georgian Art, Steiner Haus, Bonn, Germany
1993 – Georgian Art, Riviera Gallery, London, UK
1990 – Georgian School – Drouot Auction, Paris, France
1986 – Retrospective of Georgian Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

Solo exhibitions
2017- "Bach Exercises", Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
2014 - "Coming Back", Lagidze Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2014 - "Hierarchy", Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013 - "The Edge", Lagidze Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2012 - The Mdern Art Museum, Kuweit
2011 - Opening of Lagidze Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2010 - Europian House, Tbilisi, GeorgiaGroup exhibitions[edit]
2008 - Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2007 - Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2006, 2005, 2004, 1998, 1995 – TMS Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
1994 – Central House of Artists, presented by Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1990 – Georgian Center of Culture “Mziuri”, Moscow, Russia
1989 – House of Artists, Tbilisi, Georgia

All images courtesy of ARE/Artistic Research Encounters

ARE/Artistic Research Encounters
Lily Fürstenow
Torstrasse 208, 10115 Berlin

030 9789 38 97

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

Grenzerfahrungen. Georgian Film Retrospective in Kino Krokodil. Berlin. November 2017

ქართული კინორეტროსპექტივა ბერლინში. კინო კროკოდილ. 2017 წ. ნოემბერი.

Kino Krokodil (im Kulturhof e.V.)
Greifenhagener Str. 32
10437 Berlin
030 44049298



Otar Iosseliani
იყო შაშვი მგალობელი
გიორგობის თვე

Rezo Chkheidze
Father of a Soldier   ჯარისკაცის მამა

Year -1964
Length - 86 minutes.

Giorgi Makharashvili, an old peasant, begins his journey from his Georgian village in search of his son, wounded soldier at the front lines during the second world war. But before he gets to the hospital, Giorgi’s son is sent back to the front. There is no way back to Georgia, so he decides to accompany the Soviet Army to the front.

Moscow international film festival 1965 - best actor Sergo Zakariadze
Thessaloniki film festival 1965 - special award to Rezo Chkheidze
Rome International Film Festival 1966 - award Capitolium Jupiter to Rezo Chkheidze

Nutsa Gogoberidze. Buba. ბუბა.
1930, USSR, 39 min., silent
Russian intertitles, English subtitles

Lana Ghoghoberidze. დღეს ღამე უთენებია

Giorgi Mrevlishvili. 


The Remote Valleys of the Caucasus

In Vino Veritas. Giorgi Shengelaia, Dokumentarfilm, Georgien, 2001, 60 min, Englisch ohne Untertitel

"LINE OF CREDIT" (კრედიტის ლიმიტი) BY SALOMÉ ALEXI

Georgia/ France / Germany 2014, 85 min., Georgian with English and Italian subtitles

 Sophia Tabatadze. 40 min. documentary film, English subtitles. 2011-2012
Pirimze. პირიმზე

Keti Machavariani. Saltwhite. მარილივით თეთრი.  Drama, Georgien 2011, with English subtitles, 85 Min.

Kakhaber Kakabidze. Lake. ტბა. 1998, Drama |English subtitles

Levan Tutberidze. A Trip to Karabakh. მოგზაურობა ყარაბახში.  45min | ActionAdventureDrama | 2005 (Georgia)  2005 with Eng. Subtitles

Grenzerfahrungen. Georgisches Filmfestival. Kino Krokodil. Kuratiert von Lily Fürstenow in cooperation with ARE/Artistic Research Encounters

Text: Lily Fürstenow

Georgien ist eine Land der Grenzerfahrungen, angefangen davon dass es ist geographisch an der Grenze zwischen Europa und Asien/Orient und Occident. Die Naturgrenze von die Kaukasische Bergen bieten jedem die deren Gipfel ersteigt die Grenzerfahrungen par-excellence die Majestetishe Ausblicke von die hochste Bergen Europas (Elbrus), die schwindelerregende Hohe und die Tiefe der Abgründes unten, sowie die todliche Gefahren der Bersteigens.

Aber es sind nicht nur die Landschaften die den Menschen die Grenzen setzen, weil die Grenzen sind dafür da die zu überchreiten, über die Grenzen zu kommen, und der Menschliche Geist kennt keine Grenzen wie man es so sagt. Es sind nicht nur geograhische Grenzen die uns beschäftigen in diese Filmreihe, obwhold die Filme über georgische Berglandschaften im Program sind die schönsten. Es sind die Grenzerfahrungen die man macht in Georgien – in diese Land des extremitäten und die kann mann nur durch Filmkunst zeigen wenn überhaupt. Die Extremität der Gefühle und Zustände schlägt rüber vom Bildschirm und spricht die Zuschauer an. Die Filme schildern das Wesen der imaginäre Grenzen, die Grenzen als politische Konstrukte, die neue errichtete sozio-kulturelle Grenzen und Ausgrenzungen. Das georgische Wort für Grenze (Sazgvari/საზღვარი) hat etwas mit Meer zu tun, etwas was beim Meeresküste grenzt und doch umgezäunt bleibt, und alles was da drüber liegt ist Ausland/Fremdland/საზღვარგარეთ. Und wenn die Berliner Mauer fiel und kurz danach die Sovietische Grenzen verschwand, gab es so ein Witz "Jetzt sind wir endlich mal im Ausland" weil in Sovietische Zeiten war es verboten ins Ausland zu reisen und dort zu leben.

In der antike Welt die Meeresgrenze könnte man mit Schiffe überschreiten, und wenn die Argonauten die Schwarze Meer überqwerten und in West Georgien landeten war es damals die Land des Goldenes Vlieses, die Heimat der Medea von Konigreich Kolkhi, das Land wo Weinkultur erfunden war – wie der Film "In Vino Veritas" von Giorgi Shengelaia erzählt.

Krieg, Zerstörung, Leben und Tod, Gewalt und Liebe – auf die äusserste Grenze oder auf die Messerspitze gebracht wenn mann die Metapher von georgische Volkstänze mit Messer benutzt. Mit andere Worten die Ziel diese Filmreihe mit hervorragende Künstlerische Beiträge ist nicht nur die Grenzerfahrungen im Land Georgien zu erforschen aber auch die Kinokunst and die Spitze zu treiben lassen und die Grenzen, die Möglichkeiten der Filmkunst jetzt im Zeiten der tiefe Krise der Filmbransche neu zu denken.

All images courtesy of the ARE/Artistic Research Encounters


ARE/Artistic Research Encounters.

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